I Am The Tumblr: It’s STILL funny when people fall


I’m writing this to tell you about something called Internet Karma.

To start with you have to know that I’ve been posting photos and GIFs of people falling and hurting themselves onto a Tumblr page because it’s a really fun thing to do.

My interest in Falling Humor really started back in high school, where me and my buddies spent about 70% of the time laughing… very loudly. Screeching, running, dancing and pointing. At people. We really laughed when someone fell. I don’t laugh explosively too much anymore, because being a grown-up is full of sadness.

I wish I did laugh like that. And why did I stop laughing just because I graduated from high school?

So I created a Tumblr account to try and re-capture that joy.

I posted a GIF of a kid on a unicycle who falls face-first into a pile of dung; a mother pouring Wal-Mart canola oil onto the floor of her kitchen, sending her son flying into the front of the oven, smashing the glass. Multiple escalator-falls.

One of the most popular entries depicts a young lady falling face-first into a rock-hard beach after dropping from a rope swing.

And so it was a couple of Sundays ago that I sat with a friend and watched her fall over and over, looping and looping infinitely. He turned to me and said

“It’s only a matter of time till YOU fall.
You’re going to hurt yourself because of this website.
It’s Internet Karma.”

Cut to: A few hours later. A lakefront. Afternoon.

While going off the rope swing, I tore my pectoral muscle and it hurt like a bastard.

I deserved it,
That’s blood that drained out of my chest into my arm. I deserved it, I DESERVED IT!!

The first thing I did was put ice on it and cry a little in the bathroom but after that I put a notice on the Tumblr page announcing the incident and the end of the campaign.

It was the right thing to do.


Please learn from my mistake and stay positive when you’re online. Laughing is fun, but only when it’s directed at other people.

Let’s keep it clean out there.