Tracy Morgan

If You Care About Comedy…

An Awareness Campaign for Good Humour

NOTE: Tracy Morgan is recuperating from a life-changing car accident that took the life of his close friend and professional mentor.

I should tell you that Tracy Morgan is a genius.

Don’t get me wrong – he’s a horrible actor – see: Tracy read-talking his way through years of 30 Rock dialogue so funny even his stilted cadence couldn’t ruin it.

The genius comes out when he’s free-styling. Some people miss the point – like the YouTube viewers who accuse him of being drunk. Now, he very well be drunk but that’s not what’s driving the ship – what I see is a Comedian who is seriously locked in.

It’s brave too – not many people could stay true to that character all the way through the segment; fighting through the awkwardness and the wide-eyed looks from the hosts and crew…

Here are some of Dr. Morgan’s off-beat, off-script career highlights.

  1. The Terrified Morning Show Host (and Crew Member)

“I’m going to be here for two days – somebody’s going to get pregnant!!”

Robert Holguin, the YouTube user who uploaded this video is wrong, asks if Tracy is “wasted” on TV – the answer is no, I believe. Unless you count being intoxicated by the shine of his own comic prowess.

  1. Tracy Morgan Has a Baby

“This is forbidden love. A black man and a white woman on TV – forbidden love – I feel like Jim Brown.”

… says Tracy as he hugs the female co-host.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that he does a shirtless impression of a pregnant woman on the anchor desk? Yeah, that too.

  1. T.M. Words of Wisdom: Being Black

The Masterpiece: An MTV Prime Time Movie
“Totally Awesome”

In the opening scene of this collection Tracy’s character attempts to teach the school nerd how to be black and in turn, how to be cool.

To find out what he’s working with Dr. Morgan grills his pupil with a series of ridiculous questions.

As Morgan’s co-star, can you imagine keeping a straight face while Morgan stared at you and said:

You ever broken a Puerto Rican dude’s arm for sweat-pant money??

Do you have a dog that is sick and you don’t care?

You ever throw a chihuahua off the roof in the projects?

Do your father car run by blood?*

*- translation: “Is your father’s automobile fueled by blood?”

Make sure you have time to watch the entire thing – you’ll need to see the part where Tracy teaches the kid how to “walk black.”


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