Decision Final on OutKast Addition to Stone Mtn – Now What?

So it’s final – the Internet has spoken and we’ve decided that “there’s plenty of room” and we’re adding OutKast to the side of Stone Mountain.

(If you turned on a computer yesterday you know that artist Mack Williams’ proposal to add the hip-hop rap duo to the side of the mountain easily reached and surpassed every goal set on its MoveOn petition page).

Phase one complete!
Next we’ve got to figure out who will do the carving.

Faulkner works on the monument.

Faulkner works on the monument. (PHOTO: Gwinnett Daily Post)

Potential Candidates:

  • Roy Faulkner. When the current carving was completed in 1972 it was Faulkner who was the crew foreman. Faulkner does not have a Facebook account, therefore he has been difficult to contact. He lives in Snellville today.
  • Gutzon Borglum. It was Borglum’s sketches that led to the original carvings done in 1923. Utilizing Borglum’s talents might quiet any rumblings from the status quo and could even appease “the old.”
    **UPDATE: Borglum died 74 years ago, so he’s a definite “no.”
  • Stan Mullins. Mullins is a Georgia-native and Athens resident who is a world-renown sculptor. You can see his statue of legendary Georgia coach Vince Dooley on Lumpkin Street in Athens next to the UGA Track.
  • OUR CHOICE: Mack Williams: Although he has little experience working with stone, it was Williams’ vision that led to the MoveOn petition that was signed by thousands of people all over the world. An animator by trade, it seems reasonable to believe that he’ll easily be able to mastermind the granite OutKast addition.


In 1958 the mountain was purchased by the State of Georgia. It’s going to be difficult to get cash out of the state so fundraising will have to be done creatively.


  • I assume Mack will need payment for the job in order to pay rent, etc. The word is that he’d be willing to take on the project for a friend-rate ($250K).
  • We’ll need ladders and ropes (?) I guess.
  • Mack will need something to carve with and he’ll probably need a lot of them because the surface area is huge.


(A) Does anyone live near Stone Mountain and (B) can Mack stay with you while working on the project?

Is anyone willing to donate sunblock? (Maybe someone with a Costco membership?)


“Sully” calls into The Front Row (680 The Fan/ATL)

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is hitting the high seas this summer, hosting the Gronk Party Cruise to the Bahamas.

In this clip I play overly emotional Boston sports fan “Sully” calls into Atlanta’s 680 The Fan (“The Front Row”) to talk about saving up money for the trip and how much it means to him.

Hosts: Steak Shapiro/Chris Dimino/Brian Finneran.

Mark Wahlberg Can’t Even Save Us Now

I  have a theory that Mark Wahlberg

thinks that if he does something in a movie, he can do it in real life.




Mark Wahlberg’s always loved a good rags to riches character.

When he’s not playing the little porn star who could, or the short, long-shot football star who found his way onto the field in the NFL he’s playing a tiny cover-band front-man who gets a chance to join the Actual Band he spent his life mimicking.

In reality he’s a movie star who overcame embarrassing pop culture hash marks like Calvin Klein Undie ads and white-rap anthems to Actually Make It, so I guess his M.O. is pretty fitting.
FILE UNDER: Exhibit A 1.0: “Mark Wahlberg thinks Movies are Life.”



THE CLAIM: Mark Wahlberg could’ve prevented the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center.

SOURCE: Mark Wahlberg

Maybe it was playing a soldier in Three Kings or a cop in The Departed or The Other Guys? Either way, it looks like Wahlberg may have attended imaginary boot camp.***

Turns out Wahlberg's got an incredible case of High Definition Hindsight.

“In 2012, Wahlberg was quoted in a magazine interview regarding what would have happened if he had flown aboard American Airlines Flight 11 on 9-11-01. He had b€een booked on Flight 11, but his plans changed the day before the scheduled flight and he cancelled his reservation.

Wahlberg received public criticism for stating, “If I was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn’t have went down like it did,” and, “There would have been a lot of blood in that first-class cabin and then me saying, ‘OK, we’re going to land somewhere safely, don’t worry,'” Wahlberg issued a public apology after family members of those killed on the flight expressed outrage for his statements.[69]

**UPDATE: Theory Confirmed** Mark played a 
gambler in "The Gambler" and promptly made a 
$250K bet on the May 2015 Mayweather-Pacquiao with Sean "P.Diddy" Combs. 
Don't worry - 
Wahlberg lost.



THE CLAIM: Mark Wahlberg could play professional football.
SOURCE: Mark Wahlberg

Mark stands next to Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones. (Photo is to scale).
Mark, next to Atlanta Falcons
 wide receiver Julio Jones. 
(Photo is to scale).

After playing an unlikely citizen-turned-football player Wahlberg made a winking claim about being able to play professional football. Based on a true story.

A few years ago Wahlberg showed up on a web series that the Atlanta Falcons’ linebackers put out every week for a season.

“If you need a…[flexes]…strong safety for the game, let me know.”

Later, Deadspin wrote about Wahlberg’s claim, saying it was “Wahlberg doing his Wahlberg thing.”

I hope that the 5′ 8″ (at the most) Wahlberg realizes how ludicrous an idea that is.

Vince Papale, the substitute teacher-turned-Philadelphia Eagle was six-foot-two and a collegiate track star and incredible all-around athlete.



THE CLAIM: Mark Wahlberg could box professionally.

SOURCE: Mark Wahlberg

A few years ago he was “The Fighter” (with Christian Bale).

Guess what?
Our main character was a little boxer that could – this time based on real-life pugilist “Irish” Mickey Ward.

Shortlist asked him, did you begin to think you could’ve been a contender?

“Oh yeah. Even after we shot the movie Micky and Dicky were trying to talk me into going and taking four-rounders against professionals,” Wahlberg said.

Were you tempted?

MW: No, because I have four children and a wife. If it had been six or seven years ago, then sure.

When was your last real-life fight, and did you win?

MW: Mine was a few years ago in a club and I did knuckle-up somebody’s face pretty good. They were deserving of it. Usually when I start something I don’t end up on the winning end, but when I’m doing the right thing, I usually come out pretty good. A guy sucker-punched a friend of mine, so I had to return the favour. Then his friend came in and he got a little, too.

Doctors Find Trace Amounts of Zaxby’s Sauce in my Blood

If you didn’t know already, I ate Zaxby’s twice a day for a month before slipping into a Early Onset Diabetic Coma brought on by an overdose on sodium.

My team of doctor says that my Zaxby’s habit could have something to do with that.


Would you rather:

_ Get a Ron Jon logo tattooed onto the back of your hand…


_ Have everything you eat taste like it’s been seasoned with Mountain Dew Red?

Would you rather:

_ Use the restroom in a glass-walled room at work…


_ Everytime you hear music it sounds like the nu-metal band Mudvayne is performing the song you’re listening to… (i.e. when you and your family listen to Christmas carols it sounds like Mudvayne is playing them)?

Remodel… But Never Forget


I noticed that some of my neighborhood fast food places have gone under the knife lately – and now they all look like Burger Boutiques.

Wendy’s started doing it in 2012. Burger King is currently remodeling 12,000 of its locations across the globe. “I’d call it more contemporary, edgy, futuristic,” Chairman and CEO John Chidsey told The Associated Press. “It feels so much more like an upscale restaurant.”*
*No word on how much he was sneering and/or smirking, as I can only assume that he was.


Burger King: Northside Drive Atlanta, GA.

Here’s a look at what the fast food world has learned from The Cool Kids.



Arbys: Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA.

* The naming regulation for a burger boutique is “______ + BURGER.” No space!

* Building must be boxy with horizontal rectangles attached to it.

* We strongly encourage THESE COLORS.

* The design is industrial, and often includes some sort of caging.





1122 G 02

GRINDHOUSE. The rebel – yes it’s gray with red highlights and they’re industrial as hell but also seriously lacking in the name department. A possible name change that would benefit the restaurant would be something like “GRINDburger.”


SMASHBURGER. No gray, no industrial look but has totally mastered the naming convention. Great (lack of) spacing too.


FLIPBURGER BOUTIQUE. Gray and Red. Industrial. The name. Everything is: Perfection.

I Pledge to Eat Zaxby’s 2X a day for a Month!


One day’s worth of food during the 30-Day #Zaxby’s Challenge, in which I will eat two meals a day there for the kids and for awareness.

The Zaxby’s Challenge to #Save the kids and #Raise General Awareness is underway and I’m eating as much Zaxby’s as possible but the rule is no less than twice a day.

There have been some health concerns, but I’ve been very transparent about my condition.

Throughout the last month, I kept people up to date using my Twitter account.

Early On…

Shoutout to @ and everyone joining in on the @ 30 Day Challenge: eating two meals a day there to raise awareness.

Yes, this is backwards Twitter - the way it's supposed to be read. 
Rettiwt, I guess.

I know I eat a lot of cuz I walk in & the person at the counter turns around and yells “HE’S HERE! THAT MAN I WAS TELLIN YOU ABOUT!”

Just over a week into the Challenge my body 
began to fall apart. 
But I pushed through - 
remember, I told myself: the kids.

I eat at twice a day. Blood tests tomorrow, really sluggish + dizzy but it’s for a good cause.


At Memorial hospital recovering from 2MUCH . I hope people find this inspirational.


* Check out this wild fear-mongering webpage called “Can Eating Zaxby’s Food Deter Weight Loss?”